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AltF4 is Canadian animator Shawn Vulliez from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He animated (see at bottom of this page) The Ultimate Showdown. Presently, AltF4 animates to music by Dan Warren and creates some very unique Flash skits on the website called Albino Blacksheep. This was AltF4's website in 2006. He had a blog and used the website as hisFlash Animation portfolio?. It was a fun, irreverent mix of comics, short stories and drawings?.

I first heard of AltF4's The Ultimate Showdown. from a friend of mine who also loves to play poker at online US casino friendly sites. There is a bunch of us who like to get together and enjoy a night of poker, "online" style. It's a bit crazy, but we log into the same casinos and play in any available online poker tournament or all choose the same poker game and play, placing side bets on who will do the best or the worst within a certain time period. Occassional we will actually play poker with real cards and chips which is sometimes not a choice if the internet is down at the house we happen to be at. Anyway...

I enjoyed following his sporadic blog posts and watching as he progressed as an artist. I was disappointed when Shawn said that the domain was going to expire. I guess he chose not to renew it as he moved onto new products and adventures. Recently I discovered that the domain was available, so I bought it with the goal of recreating some of its original content from archived pages to give a flavor for what the site was originally like. I certainly did not want someone else to purchase the domain and re-purpose the site for something that had nothing in common with the original website. My partner does freelance work for SEO consultancy TNG/Earthling and mentioned my interest in this site to the CEO Bob Sakayama who then agreed to fund the restoration & provide technical & hosting support. Bob is well known in the SEO community for his cutting edge work including an early adopter of artificial intelligence to improve search performance for his clients. I was able to find early versions of the site on and helped research this restoration.

Obviously the site will not be exactly as you may remember it, so please be indulgent. AltF4 is a talented artist and his work should have as much exposure as possible.

Now let's take a nostalgic stroll back to the early and later days of




Welcome to, Altf4's Flash Animation portfolio! (As well as comics, short stories and drawings that may or may not be of a low quality)

Look around, there might be something you like, or you might prefer a webcomic like penny arcade or boston and shaun in which you will absolutely LOVE leaving my site forever.

Ultimate Showndown of Ultimate Destiny is probably my most popular flash and maybe you've seen it and want more? Well I have bad news bucko, Ebaums world dot com is my only other flash. The good news however is that my webcomic, Kitty n' Bones, is the best in the world.

Send hatemail/fanmail to Greenbux@gmail (oh sweet here comes the internet spambots!)

Also I know the gubs link is broken so stop wasting my time with your insanity!


Short Story: Puppies


Puppies are the greatest thing on earth, they are the sunshine of my day, and the stars of my night. They are soft and fluffy and their ears are flappy and when you scratch behind their ears they like it apparently. They always drool and sometimes they lick your feet. It tickles when they do this so you laugh. And then the puppies giggle and you and the puppies end up having a nice relationship ruined by a poor sex life. I have lots of crazy adventures with other peoples puppies, because I never get to have a puppy. Only once did I have one, he was small and scruffy and I found him at sea. He later turned out to be rat or something.

Here is a picture of a japanese puppy I guess

This is the story of Scampy, he was my favorite puppy ever.

Scampy was the local friendly hobo's puppy and believe you me he got himself into all sorts of shenanigans. He was named Scampy because everyone who ever met him knew in their hearts he was a loveable old scamp. He has a brown fluffy tail and soft satiny fur, and he always had the refreshing scent of oil! The only problem the neighborhood kids and I had with him is that he was missing his right eye! It was covered in pus, and Billy always claimed he could see Scampy's brain through there, although I personally never could (sometimes I think Billy might have been a liar but I never asked him if he was because I valued our friendship.)

Here is a hole in his head it's gross but we have to love him

After a few weeks of playing with Scampy and having to wash my pus-covered hands afterwards each time, I decided it was about time that little rascal got an eyepatch, so I bought him one. The pus in his eye made the eyepatch stick to his face and we couldn't get it off and Franklin said that it was a good thing because the rocks we put in there would never be able to fall out. Tommy said that he thought it would be a funny joke to re-name Scampy to scurvy, because he looked like a pirate. I said that Tommy was wrong because scurvy was a very serious disease the friendly hobo was dying from because he couldn't afford lemons.

I brought the hobo some leftover spaghetti one time

One day several months later after hours of fun playing with the puppy, me and the gang of boys decided we would suprise Scampy the next day by showing up with out own eyepatches, so he wouldn't feel like a misfit and commit suicide when his musical career was at its peak. We called a group huddle in the park and didn't let Scampy come in because we didn't want to ruin the suprise, but we were afraid that he would feel left out so we didn't let Billy in either. Tommy, Franklin and I came up with a brilliant plan to all go to a dollar store later that night and pick up pirate costumes. After that we played with Scampy for a while untill it was Franklin's dinnertime and he was really the life of the party so we just all went home after that.


Here is a picture of what Scampy would look like if he had both eyes, I would probably love him more

The next day all 4 of us showed up in eye patches and pirate hats (except for Tommy he was wearing a top hat, he might have been being a classy pirate but I didn't ask him so I guess I'll never know.) We walked into the back alley and saw the friendly hobo sprawled on the ground, with his sleeve rolled up and a broken syringe nearby. Scampy was crying and licking his face and it was really sad like it was like that one part of homeward bound except sadder. I breathed a sigh of relief that Scampy didn't get into heroin too because he knew the dangers, otherwise we would have had a DOUBLE-CRISIS on our hands. I picked up Scampy and told him that I loved him and I would take him home. I told my boys that we needed to have a pirate funeral there, because the friendly hobo woul never get a funeral and would probably rot there until some ant took him to thier nest. Then the Queen would go "You expect to me to eat THAT!?" and a palace guard would giggle and then she would sentence him to death. We paid our dues and The boys and I dropped our eye patches on him as a sign of pirate-respect. Scampy licked his cheek and wiped away a tear. It was truly a moving moment.

Then Suddenly, we were attacked by a Cheetah! A robotic cheetah! I screamed and covered my ears. The cheetah said in an electric and scary voice "I am a cyborg sent to eat children who don't eat their vegetables" It was at this moment I remembered that I had chosen to 'save' my spinach for Scampy. The cheetah leapt at Billy, who screamed in fright. I closed my eyes and thanked jesus I he hadn't jumped at Frankin. Scampy then leapt into action, jumping onto the cheetah's back and biting his robotic eye, which I can only assume was used for checking the level of Potassium in our stomachs. The cheetah jumped onto his hind legs and came crashing down on Billy's face. Scampy fought valiantly and cut open the cheetah's neck, spilling a red stream of safety. The cheetah collapsed, and with his final bit of energy, devoured Scampy. I collapsed over the cheetahs body, tears flowing from my face. Scampy was gone. Gone forever, I would never see his cute little eyepatch again, or smell his wonderful oily scent. It was only then I realized he was in a better place.

ahhh help me it is scary

He was in heaven, where there are fireplaces in every back alley, and milkbones are not a legend. He was where he would be most happy, and I look forward untill the next time I see him. I still cried, at the memory, and the loss, untill Tommy walked up to me and rested his hand upon my shoulder and said:

"I sure as fuck am eating my celery tonight."

This picture is ridiculous, suns don't have feelings

Billy went to hell that fucking prick.


Altf4 BLOG


Release Delays

November 11th, 2006
I am disappointed in the time it is taking but I vow to have this done by the end of the month
next weekend is looking hopeful. It's freezing today and we have no heat so I'm inside wearing my warm new North Face jacket - with the hood on! Every try to draw with gloves on? Fell asleep wearing my ski jacket and woke up drooling all over it. Fortunately it's waterproof...


This is the last project deathsphere post

October 16th, 2006
Summer Camp E1, “A Pilot you Racist”, is going to be released November 5th

If there is any more delays I’m going to be disappointed.

This domain name expires in the next few months so if you see this consider yourself lucky to have caught it.


Update: Preview up

August 16th, 2006


Update on the project

June 2nd, 2006
Remember last time I said I had a final character design? I LIED!

Here is something that is a lot closer to the final style of Project Deathsphere.

We’re all but done writing Season One (we’re calling it that in case we decide to make a second season) and we’ve started recording dialogue. We have a theme song, we have voice actors, we have a desire to make this work.

Our first episode is predicted to be coming out around september-october, and then one episode a month after that until we are done.

We also have 5 animators including myself on board, so the quality should be top-notch.

I’m tired of referring to this project as project deathsphere instead of saying the title so I shall reveal the title. (the blog shall remain here)

‘Summer Camp’


Casting call woop woop

May 28th, 2006
We’re casting so send in sample clips to and if you are good you might get to have a few lines
Serious requests only!


A Character Design 

April 17th, 2006
Here is a character design that I feel is complete. The first episode isn’t coming out untill around next September or Later because of our schedule, so I don’t want to reveal too much untill it is go time.

In the meantime, here is a near-final design of a secondary character. I’ll leave it up to you guys to see what you can figure out about him.

I am not going to update this blog with any frequency, and this is pretty much the best you can hope for for the next 4 or 5 months


First Post!

April 14th, 2006
Project Deathsphere is a codename for my newest project.

I’m going to keep this blog up to date on what is hip and happenin’ with the project.

Here is Project Deathsphere up to date:

My team and I started working on this project roughly 4 and a half months ago, with the intention of making an ongoing webseries that is actually funny. Considering how our team is located (spread out across Canada), we decided it would be best to make a miniseries.

We had a concept for the series, and we soon enough had characters and individual episode plots. We worked hard at characters and plots because in a standard web cartoon, you get 4 one-dimensional characters based on the creator’s of the series delivering shitty jokes to your ears for 3 minutes of crude tweened animation, and this is the last thing we wanted.

It’s been 4 months, and we have most of the characters cast, and we have all of the episodes written to near-final draft. I’m working hard on character designs that are simplistic but can convey emotion and be somewhat realistic, and I’m fairly proud of what we have so far. Eventually, I plan to post these designs, character animation tests, etc. so those who want to see them can, but right now we are keeping this project mostly under wraps.

Just so you know who “we” consists of:

  • Shawn Vulliez- Creator/Writer/Animator/VO
  • Eric Gagne- Creator/Writer/VO
  • James Vincent- Creator/Writer/VO
  • Matt Beaudoin- Animator
  • Brandon Hardesty- Voice Acting
  • Dan Warren- Music

Sam Shiffman- Background art

We are going to be essentially writing, directing, voicing, animating and distibuting something the length of a feature film over the next year, and we are trying to make it the best possible. Because we will most definitely have over an hour and a half worth of animation, probably more, we’re looking for animators to help.

If you’re interested in animating, e-mail me.

look at all this crap I just wrote that nobody will read


5 Responses to “First Post!”

badaboum6 Says:
April 15th, 2006 at 5:13 am

“look at all this crap I just wrote that nobody will read”
Actually, I read most of it.
BTW, I think it’ll pwn. :)

matt Says:
April 16th, 2006 at 6:51 pm
hey, i read your crap too…keep puttin out vids like ultimate and ebaums—or else.

matt Says:
April 16th, 2006 at 6:55 pm
…by the way, catchy name…”project deathsphere”

Connor Says:
April 25th, 2006 at 6:55 am
man if you been working on this for that long im sure it will be at least as good as snakes on a plane which I liked!

Aquilix Says:
April 25th, 2006 at 1:12 pm
i read it! sounds cool man…


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